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Railfilm Contest 2008

Railfilm Contest 2008

The international Railway Film festival offers professional and amateur filmmakers the opportunity for a public performance of their work. Submitted films can cover subjects ranging from Model to Standard Gauge railways subjects. Apart from the general presentation of their contribution,  film makers will be judged on their artistic appreciation, thematic control and innovative approach to both subject and medium.  The object of this competition is to encourage improvement in medial approach and video technology.

This is the first time that every IP EV viewer of  has the opportunity to take part in the public judging of submitted  films. You, the viewer, can achieve this by awarding stars;  5 stars for top quality, 1 star for poor quality.  We ask as many viewers as possible to take part in this public evaluation. The score for each film will be calculated as the average of all viewers votes and displayed as a bar-chart and number.

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