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Majestic Imperator

Imperial Trains

Soon after the Railways had started to conquer long distance land transport, the operating companles realised that comfortable carriages were needed for first-class travellers. First class carriages, culminating in Nagelmaker`s Pullman coaches, were developed. This was soon to be the time of the birth of the legendary Orient Express.


Crowned heads of state were not satisfield with the bare necessitiesof rail travel such as sleeping, day and dining cars. A complete rolling court had to be designed for them.

Our unique documentary covers the development of these rolling palace, from the first private carriage of England`Queen Victoria to the famous luxury Trains of today.

The highlight of our programme, takes us back to 1891, to the eight vehicle long rake of carriages that made up the Royal and Imperial train of the Emperor of old Austria, Kaiser Franz-Joseph.


TV programme
08:17:07Erlebnis China BONUS Film
08:37:19BTV Signation
08:37:32ÖBB Zukunftsplan für 2017 - Nightjet, das neue Nachtzugangebot
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Majestic Imperator
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