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BAHNORAMA DVD Transalpina Saga Part 1


Transalpina Saga - Part 1 - from Bohemia to Triest
The Transalpina Saga is a Documentary delving into a gigantic Transport Concept (of a Europe shattering
style.) It was the last huge public undertaking of the soon to be dismembered Danubian
Interest Sphere,the Austrian Monarchy.As important as the Panama Canal it produced a direct connection
between Boehmen (Bohemia),one of Europe's most up to date and prolific manufacturing
areas and a well-protected modern outlet to the sea. Ever since 1382 Triest (now called Trieste) has
been Austria's best Harbour.The Transalpine project included a direct Alpine crossing and was competing
with the much longer line of the privatised Suedbahn, (Austria's Southern Railway.)

TV programme
12:47:28ÖBB Zukunftsplan für 2017 - Kundenoffensive
12:51:22Atterseeschifffahrt Vers 2 26.7.2012
12:53:52BTV Signation
Actuality contribution 
BAHNORAMA DVD Transalpina Saga Part 1
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