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BAHNORAMA DVD The class 310 driving wheel


The class 310 driving wheel.
The maximum speedis 100 km/h. The 310 is a legendry locomotive.
It was the Old Monarchie´s fastest engine. This four cylinder compound is a work of the locomotive designer Carl Gölsdorf. The 310 excited interesting was only because it had big wheels. It´s the high speed of the engine that calls the sensation.
Design, steam and power are reflected in the most unusual shots. Let you and the engine feel one.
This BAHNORAMA is a documentary report of the class 310. It sheds the light on the brilliance of this design. Only 19 engines of this class were built. The 310, a portrait in motion full of facts and fascination.
A BAHNORAMA which will delight you.

TV programme
07:05:40Österreichischer Bahnkulturpreis 2016
07:11:10BTV Signation
Actuality contribution 
BAHNORAMA DVD The class 310 driving wheel
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