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BAHNORAMA DVD History Document


Drinking while on duty?
Railway men could face the sack fort his offence anywhere in the civilized world. But all is not beer and skittles as you might think from the first part of this BAHNORAMA Classic. This unusual compelation of old film dates from the days of the first motion pictures. Some of the origin film docus beginning to this integrave and had to be restored piece by piece.
These shots dating to the middle 30ies are splendid examples of the scrapping of old engines. What happened of the railway accident is showm in this destructional film made just after the first world war.
The commontrayer music was supplied by BAHNORAMA. There are served unusual documentaries. This is the way to Vordernberg.
BAHNORAMA Classic, the history of the railways told by rare archieval film materials.

TV programme
07:52:41Österreichischer Bahnkulturpreis 2016
07:58:11BTV Signation
Actuality contribution 
BAHNORAMA DVD History Document
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