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BAHNORAMA DVD Up the garden path

BAHNORAMA DVD Up the garden path


With this new BAHNORAMA we depart from our usual search for exiting developments in the world of railways, wherever they may be. We are looking for railways of a different dimension. The world, the railway lover can make for himself. Not in drawing rooms or loft and cellars but in the private outside which he controls , flowerbeds, gardens and even parks.


This new Model Railway series  from SH Production will cover railways of the biggest variety of gauges ever attempted.

We start at my grounds in the South East corner of England, not too far from London.

For years I have run two systems of widely different gauges. The older one is one of the longest Gauge One lines here, the other a short 10. and a quarter  inch gauge passenger carrying railway. A realisation of a dream, dating back to my early youth.

Also in the South but this time in the far west, in Cornwal, is the Dobwall miniature line which claims to be one of the biggest 7. and a quarter  inch gauge operation in Europe.

We have been invited to Nürnberg, to the Geman manufacturer Lehman, who produce the generally popular "crossover" between toy and garden railway, the LGB system.

Not far from the factory, in the townlet of Schnaittach, is a layout on 200 square metres of landscaped ground, demonstrating the manifold opportunities  available to the garden modeller who wants to purchase his railway off the shelf.

We then visited Vienna, where an almost unique 2 inch gauge line has been built and operated by a family of academic engineers - the Inführs. It's the complete opposite of the Schnaittach line. Everything has been hand made by father Inführ, after all there was nothing of this gauge immediately available during the early thirties of the last century.

We reach the terminus of this journey in a really big park. The Vienna Prater is well known for it's giant Wheel. There is also a 15 inch gauge line which fulfils its twin purposes: to amuse and delight young and old and to ferry crowds to the Vienna Football Stadium- that is at last the theory. Sir Arthur Haywood, the begetter of the 15 inch gauge for miniature working railways, the biggest of the small or the smallest of the big, would be delighted.


A RAILWAY OF YOUR OWN   Up the garden path

 The BAHNORAMA "Up the garden path" invites viewers to our presenter's  mini-estate in South East England. Here he operates not one but two garden railways of widely different gauges. His legendary "Get-Togethers" are visited by railway lovers and even camera teams from all corners of the world.

Apart from Bob's performance  in his bosquage, this BAHNORAMA visits other railways, which operate "Al  Fresco". The comprehensive selection of at least ten different "slices of Life" on the LGB garden layout by Franz Grund are difficult to better. The impressive Dobwall 7.25 inch railway in Cornwall and a visit to a historc, fully operational 2 inch gauge garden railway that has survived  World War 2  in Vienna,  is crowned by Europe's earliest follower of Sir Arthur Haywood's minimum gauge line of 15 inch, the Lilliput railway in Vienna's Prater, which completes the journey.  We hope that we have led you along a delightful walk " up the Garden Path!


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