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BAHNORAMA DVD Sierra Madre Express


„A journey through the Copper Canyon"

This BAHNORAMA International will translate you into the biggest, wildest area of peaks and gorges on the American continent, the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. This comprehensive Documentary will take you back into the dim distant past of the wild and lean world of the original American Indians, the Tarahumaras Enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful world of the Canyons with Bob Symes and the four camera unit of BAHNORMA. A world brought into juxtaposition with the "high life' of elegant but unusual hotels and the luxury train the Sierra Madre Express. Those remarkable two sides of the same coin are beautifully and sensitively treated in this documentary of the most spectacular railway in Mexico if not the whole world.

TV programme
08:17:07Erlebnis China BONUS Film
08:37:19BTV Signation
08:37:32ÖBB Zukunftsplan für 2017 - Nightjet, das neue Nachtzugangebot
Actuality contribution 
BAHNORAMA DVD Sierra Madre Express
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